Meet Stew Leonard's Chief Food Safety Officer

Barbara Bucknam


Barbara Bucknam has been in charge of Stew Leonard’s food safety programs for more than a decade. A certified health and safety instructor, Barbara has worked in every department in each of Stew Leonard’s store locations and has first-hand knowledge of how food is handled throughout the stores. As part of her responsibilities, Barbara has developed customized food safety programs and checklists for each department, so our shoppers can be assured they are buying only the safest and freshest products at Stew Leonard’s.
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Barbara is also responsible for writing the stores’ policies, training and monitoring connected with food safety, weights and measures, animal farms, and labeling. In early 2007, her title was changed to Chief Food Safety Officer in order to accurately reflect her duties and responsibilities.


Barbara’s list of certifications is impressive, including:
• Certified OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) instructor
• Certified Red Cross instructor for first aid and CPR, as well as pet first aid and CPR
• Certified by Servsafe as both a food safety instructor and in food safety
• Certified HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) instructor, with special certifications in seafood, retail and juice
• Certified pest control operator


Barbara served on the Connecticut’s universal food code committee for two years, and is now serving on the board of directors for the Connecticut Sanitation Association.


Barb earned an associate’s degree in marketing from Norwalk Community College and received a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering from Western Connecticut State University.


Barbara is an avid athlete who enjoys walking, snow shoeing and hiking. Barbara, along with her mixed dog Mario, is certified to do pet therapy through the Delta Society, an organization that provides comfort and animal companionship to people in hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, libraries, schools, and prisons.