Community Giving




Dear Community Members:


Stew Leonard's, a family-owned and operated fresh food store founded in 1969, has four stores in Norwalk, Danbury, and Newington, Conn. and Yonkers, N.Y. Stew's earned its nickname, the "Disneyland of dairy stores" because of its country-fair atmosphere, with costumed characters and animated entertainment throughout the store that keep children entertained while parents shop. Stew Leonard's legion of loyal shoppers is largely due to the stores' passionate approach to customer service: "Rule #1 - The Customer is Always Right"; Rule #2 – If the Customer is Ever Wrong, Re-Read Rule#1." This principle is so essential to the foundation of the company that it is etched in a three-ton granite rock at each store's entrance. The company's culture is built around an acronym for S.T.E.W.: Satisfy the customer; Teamwork gets it done; Excellence makes it better; WOW makes it fun.


The Leonard family feels strongly about giving back to his loyal customers and the community. One of the ways they choose to give back is through monthly donations to our local charities. Stew's is also proud of its concrete wishing well as you exit the store. Money accumulated through the wishing well is dispersed the following month to the designated charity.


Each week approximately 100,000 customers visit us from near and far. Hundreds of donations are requested each month and giving generously has always been the Stew's way. We love to help our community and its worthy organizations.


To Request a Donation for your organization, please adhere to the following guidelines:


All requests must be submitted on the form below.


Submit your request on the letterhead of the organization, two months prior to when the event will be taking place.