Stew Leonard's Quality and Food Safety Pledge

"If you wouldn't take it home to your mother, don't put it out for our customers."
--Stew Leonard


Stew Leonard’s is committed to providing our customers with the freshest, highest quality food available. To do this, we employ sound food safety practices and monitor and test all the food that is sold in our stores.


Delivery of Items to our Stores
• Every item in our store must arrive at the proper temperature and in excellent condition or we refuse to take delivery.
• Upon arrival, food products are randomly tested in our lab to make sure they meet our quality standards.


Team Member Training
• To stay abreast of best practices, Stew Leonard’s team members who work in food production areas must attend food handling classes on a regular basis.
• When handling food, all team members must wear protective gloves, hair restraints and follow safe food handling practices.


Food Monitoring and Testing
• Our team members monitor the temperatures, quality, and wholesomeness of all food items made in our stores. This includes:
• Weekly sanitation inspections for all departments
• Hand washing and glove change audits
• Inspections of all scales, labels, product date codes
• Temperature checks on all food items throughout the day


Every quarter, Chief Food Safety Officer, Barbara Bucknam, supervises a thorough sanitation inspection of all surfaces and equipment in Stew Leonard’s stores. Local health departments inspect each of our stores four times a year. In addition, state health departments conduct spot inspections throughout the year. Stew Leonard’s is evaluated on temperature control, cleanliness, food protection, construction, and training.


Stew Leonard’s has received the scoring equivalent of an “A” for the past five consecutive years on all of our food safety and sanitation inspections.