Meet Our Ranchers

Stew Leonard's has a great relationship with our ranchers. These ranchers run family businesses and raise the best beef you‘ll find anywhere. Stew and our butchers personally visit our ranchers regularly to ensure we continue to offer only the finest, high-quality beef in our stores. So come meet our ranchers by clicking on the links below. In addition to learning a little bit about them, you can also try their favorite beef recipe. Enjoy.

This year, we're excited to welcome ranchers from Kansas, Texas, Mississippi, and South Dakota. The ranchers, who will be decked out in their cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and Western belt buckles, will also share their personal favorite steak recipes as well as offer grilling tips and tricks to customers who will be firing up their grills for the first time this season.

The Hadrick's
Meet the Hadricks
Their Favorite Recipe
Beer & Teriyaki
Marinated Beef
The Stedje's
Meet the Stedjes
Their Favorite Recipe
Prime Rib with
Perini's Rib-eye Rub
The Tiffany's
Meet the Tiffanys
Their Favorite Recipe
Rib-Eye Steak with
Chile Butter
The Hurst's
Meet the Hursts
Their Favorite Recipe
Balsamic Marinated