Top 5 Steaks for Grilling

Porterhouse #1 Porterhouse - The king of steaks. Considered to be two steaks in one, the porterhouse contains a large boneless strip steak on one side of the bone and a petite tenderloin on the other side. This steak combines the nice sirloin flavor of the strip and the tenderness of the filet mignon.
Filet Mignon #2 Filet Mignon - The most popular cut at steakhouses, this elegant, leanest steak is from the tenderloin. Regarded as the most tender steak, the filets light marbling gives it a mild flavor.
NY Strip #3 New York Strip - Also known as the Kansas City Strip, this cut is taken from the shortloin. It is the second most popular cut after the filet but has a firmer, juicier, and tastier profile than the filet.
Rib-Eye #4 Rib-Eye – The ribeye is a perennial favorite of real cowboys and steak connoisseurs, alike. This steak has a ribbon of marbling running through it and offers a unique blend of texture and flavor. Many consider the ribeye to be the most flavorful of the popular cuts of beef.
Skirt Steak #5 Skirt Steak Steak – Cut from the flank, the skirt is the diaphragm muscle of the animal. It is a long flat piece of meat that is very flavorful and juicy. Used mainly as meat for fajitas, this tender meat can be grilled, rolled, or stuffed.