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Stew Leonard’s Gardening Tips for July

Summer has arrived along with hot humid weather! Here are a few tips from Stew Leonard’s very own Garden Jeannine for a healthier garden. Above all – remember to water your garden and lawn when there’s not enough rainfall. It’s best to turn on the hose for a deep soak every morning; make sure you’re giving your plants 1 – 1 ½ inches of water every week!


    • July is the perfect time to fertilize the lawn! The fertilizer will help to strengthen and protect your lawn from the perils of summer, including heat, drought, and summer insects.
    • Make sure to sharpen the mower blades as this will cut down on lawn diseases.
    • Set mower blades to three inches for optimal grass health.

Flowers, Shrubs, Trees and Plants

    • Deadhead hybrid tea and grandiflora roses.
    • Sheer creeping phlox and candytuft now for a fuller plant for next year.
    • It’s ok to plant trees and shrubs at this time of year; just make sure to water them!
    • Make sure that all newly planted trees and shrubs receive 1 ½ inches of water every week.
    • To remove slugs, place a piece of wooden board in the garden, overturn in morning and scrape off slugs, place them in a bucket of soapy water.



    • To protect tomatoes and potatoes from late blight, treat with a fungicide containing chlorothalonil or copper. Repeat weekly.
    • When you see the fruit of your tomato, eggplants, and pepper plants starting to develop, remember to fertilize! The plants will need extra food to get the fruit to grow.
    • To keep green beans producing, harvest them continuously.
    • Continue to remove suckers from tomato plants for larger fruit.