Listen to the Farm Fresh Five

Stew Leonard's has been called the "Disneyland of Dairy Stores" because it offers fun and entertainment at every corner. And one of the more popular attractions at Stew's is the Farm Fresh Five: a group of realistic, state-of-the-art animatronics who perform original songs that entertain the kids while Mom and Dad shop.

And now you can enjoy the Farm Fresh Five direct from your own computer. So join Rich Milk on lead vocals, Pat Low Fat on fiddle, Choco on drums, Slim Skim on banjo and O.J. on keyboards as they sing some of their greatest hits. They'll have your toes tapping in no time.

Happy Listening!



Click on a song title below to listen to the Farm Fresh Five.

A Half Pint is Just the Right Touch My Stew Leonard's Shopping Bag
Christmas Show Part 1 S - T - E - W
Christmas Show Part 2 Stew Leonard Has A Little Farm
Christmas Show Part 3 Stew Leonard's Hoe Down
Cyntha and Daphne and Clover the Cow Stew Leonard's Singalong Part 1
Farm Fresh 5 Parade Stew Leonard's Singalong Part 2
Farm Fresh Five The Customer is Always Right
Fresh - Fresh - Fresh We Wanna Be Your Friends
It's Fun Shopping at Stew Leonard's We're Glad You Came to Stew's