Meet The Hursts

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Meet The Hursts

Cooper and Katie Hurst, first-generation cattlemen, purchased their ranch in Woodville, Mississippi in 1990 and started Hunt Hill Cattle Company in 1995. It is a forage-based operation with emphasis on year-round grazing. They focus their efforts on the production of a premium product: healthy, nutritious and great-tasting beef with the ultimate consumer in mind.

Cooper and Katie are firm believers in low-stress cattle handling and share a great love and deep respect for the land, their cattle and the ranching way of life.

Favorite Recipe:

Depending on how many steaks you are marinating, take either a half cup to a whole cup of oil (either vegetable or olive oil). Then, just depending on the flavor you'd like, I use the following ingredients to taste:


  • balsamic vinegar (gives your steak a nice sweet flavor)
  • white cooking wine
  • soy sauce


The thing to remember is you do not have to be exact with any of these ingredients, although I would be careful with the white cooking wine! If you're in a hurry you use any balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

To get good flavor, tenderize your steaks thoroughly with a fork on both sides before you put them in the marinade. I generally put them in 1 gallon zip lock bags and marinate them for at least two hours or for as long as you want. The steaks are then seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder.