Stew in front of our famous rock that details our simple policy
Beth Leonard Hollis making fresh bread in her bakery
One of our trained bakers making our chocolate croissants
Blueberry muffins - out of the oven and into your shopping cart
We offer a wide variety of coffee choices to satisfy every coffee drinker's taste
We roast 350 tons of coffee each and every year
Our expert coffee roasters tend to their latest batch
Customers can buy whole beans and grind them right in our store
We're not just limited to farm foods, we make fresh sushi every day, too
Our milk comes fresh from the farm and is packaged in our own dairy plant right in the Norwalk store
Everyone loves to watch our milk being bottled right in front of their eyes in Norwalk
Customers can quench their thirst with a variety of fresh squeezed juices
Customers can see our team members making fresh juice with real produce
One of our trained butchers will custom cut and trim your filet, to your specifications, for free
Stew's has become well known for our tender and delicious cuts of beef
A team member serves up Alaskan King Crab legs during a busy holiday
Our fish comes straight from the dock, right to you, to maintain total freshness
Tilapia is one of our more popular items in the fish department
Making fresh mozzarella in our stores
Our catering department can make almost anything for your party - including three foot wedges
Custom made platters are a favorite of customers looking for quick and fun ways to entertain
Our three foot subs are a work of art and take a great deal of time, patience, and deli meat to make
A team members lays out fresh cherries
We want our produce to look as great as it tastes so we like to build big and colorful displays
We offer a variety of produce to appeal to a variety of tastes
Team members cutting seasonal fruit and vegetable platters
Our hand-made kettle cooked jumbo potato chips are made daily and are absolutely delicious
Our barbeque and kitchen departments offer prepared foods that customers can bring home for lunch or dinner
Each of our stores offer fresh cut, florist quality flowers for any occasion or holiday
One of our expert chefs prepares a rack of chicken for roasting
Our garden department is open spring thru fall and offers everything from flowers to lawn furniture to landscaping services
One of our team members with an array of fall garden items
Stews Gifts Our dedicated catering department will prepare anything -- from an intimate dinner for two to a full blown wedding for 200
The flower department displays sunflowers and other seasonal flowers
We make all kinds of cakes - birthday cakes, photo cakes, decorated cakes, kids theme cakes - you name it, we'll make it
Our ice cream shop is open year-round and gives a free ice cream cone for every hundred dollars a customer spends in the store
Our hoedown area offers customers a place for a great burger or lobster dinner any time of day
Our garden center is hailed as being one of the finest nurseries in the state
Pizza is just one of the many great foods we let customers sample in our stores
Chef Georges poses with a delicious feast he and his team have created for a store event