Clover Farms, founded by Stew Sr.'s father in Norwalk, CT in 1921, delivered bottled milk in a fun and fresh way
Stew and his brother, Jim, took over the family milk delivery business in 1961
The original delivery trucks at Clover Farms carried cow heads on the roof that moo'd at the kids as it drove by
Stew always knew how to make an impression and draw the crowds - here with a full-sized cow onboard
Before he opened his first grocery store, Stew Sr. was a milkman that would not let the weather stop his deliveries
The State of Connecticut built a new highway right through Clover Farms, causing Stew to relocate his business
Stew Leonard's Clover Farms Dairy opened in December of 1969 with just seven employees and seven items for sale
Stew set up vending machines so customers could buy fresh milk while the Norwalk store was being built
The little animal farm at Stew's was a big and instant hit
Stew Sr. in 1969 outside of his flagship store in Norwalk, CT
In 1971 Clover Farms changes its name to "Stew Leonard's"
We so believe in a satisfied customer that we carved our philosophy into a three ton granite rock
Electronic scanners are introduced on 20 checkout lanes in 1977; Stew's has grown to 145 team members
Stew's daughter, Beth, returns from her training in Paris to open an in-store bakery selling fresh baked butter croissants and chocolate chip cookies
tew Leonard helped Paul Newman and his partner, A.E. Hotchner, launch Newman's Own food line for charity
Tom Peters features Stew Leonard's in his best selling books on leadership and excellence
A 40 acre farm, purchased in Danbury, CT in 1986, becomes the site for a second store, managed by Tom Leonard, Stew's son
Stew Sr.'s daughter, Jill, graduates college in 1986, joins the human resources department and creates Stew Leonard's University - a customer service seminar for executives
Stew Leonard, here with his wife Marianne, is awarded the Presidential Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence by President Ronald Reagan
Stew Leonard, Jr., becomes president of Stew Leonard's after receiving his MBA from UCLA in 1987
Stew's has always been known as the Disneyland of Dairy Stores so it was fitting that Stew was invited to be Grand Marshal in the Disney World Parade in 1988
Stew Leonard III Children's Charities was created by Stew and his wife Kim (pictured here with mascot Stewie the Duck)
The Danbury location, no longer just a farmer's market under a tent, opens the doors to its 130,000 square foot store in 1991
A third Stew Leonard's opens in Yonkers, NY in 1999
Team members form the #22 - the rank Stew Leonard's achieved in Fortune's list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in America. We've been ranked for the last seven years!
A fourth store opens in Newington, CT (near Hartford) in 2007