Pan Seared Naked Pork Chops with Smoked Mozzarella, Confit Tomato & Pesto Pan Gravy

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Cook Time: 1 Hour

Serves: 2

Measurements Ingredients Savings Availability
Tomatoes $ Add to Shopping list

Cut in half from tip to root.

4 tsp.  Pesto Sauce $ Add to Shopping list
3/4 lb.  Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops or Roasts Weekly Special $2.99 lb. - Save $4 lb. Add to Shopping list

Cut thin.

3 tbsp.  Olive Oil - 750 ml. Weekly Special $5.99 ea. - Save $3 Add to Shopping list
1/2 cup  flour $ Add to Shopping list

For dredging

1/2 tsp.  salt $ Add to Shopping list
1/2 tsp.  Freshly ground black pepper $ Add to Shopping list
4 slices  Smoked Mozzarella $ Add to Shopping list

Cut 1/16 of an inch thick.

1/2 cup  Marsala Wine

Not available at Stew's

3/4 cup  Chicken Stock $ Add to Shopping list
2 tbs.  Pesto Sauce $ Add to Shopping list
3 tbs.  Butter Weekly Special $2.99 ea. or 2/$5 - Save $0.98 When You Buy 2 Add to Shopping list
One 4x2 sheet  Roasted Garlic Focaccia $ Add to Shopping list
1 bunch  Broccolini $ Add to Shopping list


To Prepare:

1.  Split tomatoes, place on cookie sheet, rub each piece with a teaspoon of pesto, season with a pinch of salt & pepper and bake in a preheated oven on 275 degrees for 1 hour.


2.  While tomatoes are baking, blanch broccolini and set aside. Cut focaccia and set aside.


3.  Season flour with the salt and pepper, place olive oil in a sauté pan on medium high heat, dredge each chop in flour lightly and sauté chops for 2 minutes on each side till golden brown, set aside.


4.  In the same pan, add marsala wine and reduce by half, add the chicken stock and pesto and continue to cook over medium high heat, reducing by half. Swirl in the butter and remove from the heat.


5.  Place a slice of smoked mozzarella on each chop and place under your broiler on high just long enough to melt the cheese.


6.  Toast your focaccia squares and place it in the middle of a serving dish, place a few stalks of broccolini on the focaccia, now place the pork chop on top of the broccolini, spoon on your pan sauce and top off with the confit tomato……………………………Enjoy