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Cilantro Lime Grilled Shrimp

Cilantro Lime Grilled Shrimp 

Shrimp in a tasty, light and fresh cilantro lime marinade that is grilled to perfection.


Prep Time: 10 minutes


Marinate Time: 30 minutes


Cook Time: 10 minutes


Total Time: 40 minutes


Yield: 4 Servings

Measurements Ingredients Savings Availability
1 pound  Shrimp $ Add to Shopping list

Peeled and deveined

Lime $ Add to Shopping list

Zest and juice or 1/4 cup lime juice

1 tbsp.  Olive Oil Weekly Special $4.99 - Save $3 Add to Shopping list
2 tbsp.  Cilantro $ Add to Shopping list


1/2  Jalapeno $ Add to Shopping list

Coarsely chopped (optional)

Garlic Cloves $ Add to Shopping list


To taste  Salt & Pepper $ Add to Shopping list

1.  Marinate the shrimp in the mixture of the lime juice, zest, oil, cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, salt and pepper for 30 minutes.


2.  Skewer the shrimp and grill over medium-high heat until cooked, about 2-3 minutes per side.